FRP or Fiber-reinforced Plastic has become the material of choice for the shelters used by army troops. FRP is composed of thermosetting resins and fiberglass where the resins act as the binder for the glass fiber. Owing to our manufacturing methods, our FRP products have exceptionally smooth internal surfaces, providing comfort to our troops. These shelters can be configured in several different ways. Although we provide standardized panels for ease of configuration, one can tailor the structure as per their needs by adding or replacing the panels.  Our FRP Shelters can be used in all kinds of terrains, whether desert, vegetation or snow.

Our FRP Shelters comprise of panels that are easy to carry, with separate panels for doors and windows. All the panels are bolted together with screws, and anchored to the foundation. Panel seams are sealed with liquid to provide protection against seepage. Any type of flooring is compatible with our shelters, and the atmosphere within can also be changed as required. 

The entire process of panel erection can be completed within 5-6 hours with the help of 4-5 people.


  • High Mechanical Strength
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Long Life
  • Lightweight

  • Earthquake Resistant
  • Flood Resistant
  • Snow Resistant
  • Excellent Thermal Insulation

  • Easy to Repair
  • Low Maintenance
  • Customizable Shapes

Notable Project

One of our most notable projects is a result of the collaboration between our Infrastructure and Composite divisions to design housing at high altitudes for extreme cold climate. These shelters were erected in the Siachen area in India for our army troops. 

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