Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the primary focus of Shiva Industries. The company firmly believes in helping society prosper. We are committed towards providing the social well-being of people around the periphery of our business. The company treats CSR not as a duty but it tries to connect it with the development and growth of the organization.

Shiva Industries, in order to promote CSR, is carrying out multiple activities in a number of fields. Our area of activities is primarily based on developing high level of human rights, and strong adherence to government standards across all its deeds. We play a crucial role in providing healthcare, advancing education, and improving socio-economic conditions of our stakeholders and the underprivileged society.


Health has been one of the major issues across all of India. We, at Shiva Industries, are dedicated towards creating a healthy environment. We are working not only towards employee safety and health but are also doing a substantial amount of work in local Kanpur areas and surrounding villages. All our manufacturing facilities and offices have a high safety measure. We carry out regular medical check-ups of all our employees and their families. The company also constantly helps all its employees with a certain degree of financial assistance in case of any medical emergency in their family.

We also carry out regular medical check-ups in backward areas of Kanpur, Unnao and Bithoor. The company is working in collaboration with some of the leading doctors of the city, and is providing free medical services to the underprivileged stratum of society. We have also developed a team which regularly visits the nearby areas and creates awareness about various health hazards and the appropriate prevention strategies.


Shiva Industries believes in education being the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world. The company provides financial assistance to all its employees who cannot afford a good education for their children. We are taking all measures in our capacity to reduce the drop-out rate and illiteracy. Proving free study materials like books and bags, financial assistance for infrastructure developments such as building classrooms, laboratories, drinking water facilities, etc. are some initiative taken by our company. Shiva Industries also awards scholarships to deserving students for higher education in pursuit of improving their future.


Shiva Industries promotes energy efficiency and contributes to the achievement of global sustainability. The company believes in creating and passing over a healthy environment to the future generation. We are aware that economic development should be at par with the needs of our environment, not above it. We are taking a number of steps to ensure a healthy environment. Sticking to emission norms, streamlining our use of materials in a way to reduce total usage, maintaining green areas around installations, recycling all our wastes, and reducing the release of hazardous materials from our production facilities are some of the steps that we have taken to promote greener practices.

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