About the Division

In 2005, Shiva Industries ventured into INFRASTRUCTURE with one of the biggest housing projects in Kanpur of that time, covering millions of square feet.

Since then, the company backed by its corporate values and flawless engineering, has made it amongst one of the highly recognized builders of the city. The company has expanded itself into road and civil construction as well.

Closely working with its composite sector, Shiva Industries has also developed a complete habitat for extreme weather/ harsh condition climates. State-of-the-art highly adaptable heat generators, high/ low temperature withstanding generator sets and electrical wires, and modular toilets with in-house developed technology for waste decomposition are some of the major technology feats achieved by the company.

We make sure that all our projects are of the highest international standards and radiate a degree of professionalism and elegance.

Our Infrastructure division has been further segregated into:

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