About the Buildings

Pre-engineered Buildings (PEBs) are buildings of steels that are originally made in factory and then shipped to the client location where it is bolted and put together. PEBs have become the preferred choice of building-type for industrial buildings and warehouses due to the many key benefits that it offers. The PEB system is advantageous because it very economically allows for the creation of large column-free enclosures. We, at Shiva Industries, also provide roofing and canopy-like solutions for PEBs for our clients. Our shelters have alternative options for choosing between different ventilation systems, trimmings, etc. Our structures strictly adhere to all international standards of construction, and we provide extremely flexibility with the design for your choice of building. 

Comparison between PEBs and Convention Buildings

  • Structural Weight - PEBs are, on average, 30% lighter than conventional structures
  • Design - PEBs have more flexibility in design due to its usage of standard sections and connected designs
  • Ease of Setup - PEB erection only involves the connection of compounds compared to conventional structures where erections are more complicated and different for each project
  • Cost of Construction - Price per square meter for PEBs is about 30% less than that for conventional structures
  • Time to Build - Average delivery for conventional structure takes 4x the time than that for PEBs
  • Maintenance - PEBs are easier to repair and modern finishes help resist corrosion
  • Corrosion Susceptibility - Special coatings are necessary for PEBs to resist corrosion

Potential Applications

Sun Shelters
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